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Global deforestation rate 2017

Once upon a time thegreen.
And all that makes part of it.
An apparently negligible, flying leaf on a melancholic movie scene.
A nice tree from a child’s drawing.
A fascinating forest in a fantasy novel.
Think about as if it was something really important.
As the main essence of the world we live in.
Like water should be.
Like every human being is.
Then, see the future we’re building on our common horizon.
When every day an area the size of New York City was lost.
So each hundred days an area the size of Scotland.
And within one year an area the size of Italy.
Once upon a time an area, a green one, not the country itself.
However, at the end of the day, do you really think there is a difference?

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India water crisis 2018: the crazy choice

Once upon a time in India.
Once upon a time 600 million people living with an absurd choice in our so-called modern times.
I have a few water, indeed.
But, how could I use that?
Should I wash myself or my clothes?
Should I use it to clean food or my home?
Should I keep it for worst times to come?
Should I drink it and stop thinking about?
Living as the rest of the world, believing I had only that for good.
Once upon a time in India, yes it is.
Once upon a time a country that by 2030 will have access to half the water it needs.
But, more than everything.
Once upon a time the water...

Antarctic ice melting rate 2018

Once upon a time a world.
Not this one, just to play a game.
Once upon a time a planet where ice in the Antarctic was melting at a record-breaking rate.
Imagine another earth, not ours, where the consequent sea rising might have disastrous costs for every creature’s life.
Let’s say it was not from a random fake news Facebook page, but on a report made by scientists in the US and UK.
Let’s also add another study warning that unless crucial act will be made in the following decade, the melting ice will provoke more than 25cm to an entire worldwide sea level increase of more than a metre by 2070.
Take this as a fiction story, if you prefer.
Anyway, once upon a time a tale like that.
Then, try to visualize billions of people who didn’t give a shit about that.
Can you?

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Human good luck

I am the moon and I call it good luck, looking at you.
Yes, it's me.
You know? The largest of stars, despite I am not one of them.
My perspective is blessed.
Don’t laugh at me, since I'm fragile.
But I'm not going to hide.

Because I call being here a good luck.
Tonight, the following one, but also the one before and the night after.
Right now.
While I’m just the moon.
Nothing more and nothing less.
From three quarters until disappearing, passing through a magical half.
But I’m still the other big light up on the sky, though by reflection.
What a joy, anyway.

Because I call enlightening you a very good luck.
They say there is always a great moon behind a great sun.
Fortunately, there are eclipses to prove the he is behind me.
I'm the one who has always been next to you.
From the first day to the last one.
From sunrise to sunset.
And even where you insist on moving to the hidden side of your heart, I will wait for you at the end of the ride, hoping you had fun.

From Clima…

Climate Change Stories in the family

Peter is an eleven years kid.
An eleven years old kid is not so young as you think.
Well, he’s still a child, but less than an adult might figure.
"Dad," he asks sitting on the sofa with a magazine, reading an article about world drought, "we have to commit ourselves, we should waste less water..."
"Of course, you’re right," the man replies without looking at him, intending to live the usual Sunday’s ritual, the football match.
Peter would like more attention and insists: "Daddy, if we continue on this road, in two generations we’ll die of thirst."
"Really?" The man keeps his gaze glued to the screen. "A disaster, I agree. Fortunately, in two generations we’ll not be here anymore."
"You won’t…" The cat seems to say, following the scene resting on the ground, with a watchful eye on the primal scene.
"Dad, that's not the point. I could have children, someday. We’re talking about your grandchildren..."

Climate change stories about nature

A study made by the University of East Anglia, available from the journal Nature Climate Change, tells that if we aren’t going to do something as soon as possible to fight global warming, the shocking climate alterations, that earth is forcefully experiencing, will provoke by 2080 the fading of one third of animals, and more than half of plants.
That’s only one of the many concerns about this topic, and there are numerous theories about the reasons, but the accountability of humanity is the focal one…

From Climate change stories, a dual language book English and Italian for all ages: True short stories about global warming effects

Climate change stories of women

Thank you, mother.
Thank you for what you did.
Thank you, really, for what you do.
But above all, thank you for what you wanted to do and some denied it.
Because that’s where I live.
They exiled me right in what’s missing, and in what’s still possible, I will have my revenge.
Listen to me, now.
Listen to the voice that knows better than any other what losing means.
Mine is an existence that shatters day after day.

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