Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Climate change stories about Jay Mathers Savage

Let's now take a leap in the past, reading in reverse the pages, coming back to the beginning of the story.
So, we are in 1967 and the herpetologist Jay Mathers Savage, a reptile and amphibian researcher, is located in central Costa Rica, precisely TilarĂ¡n's cordillera.
"Can you see that, too?" Savage says, whose name means he’s so far from being intimidated by the brutality of the most unspoiled nature.
"Boss," a comrade exclaims, "a nugget! We found the gold, we are rich, we found the gold..."
"But it’s moving," another guy rattles, "the nugget is alive!"
"And it jumps as well ..." emphasizes the former.
"You're almost right about everything, friends," observes Jay as he approaches the sparkling discovery with an equally enlightened look. "We really found gold, and it’s really moving. It jumps and dances, runs, and vibes of life. But, luckily, we won’t be rich for that..."

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