Thursday, June 14, 2018

Antarctic ice melting rate 2018

Once upon a time a world.
Not this one, just to play a game.
Once upon a time a planet where ice in the Antarctic was melting at a record-breaking rate.
Imagine another earth, not ours, where the consequent sea rising might have disastrous costs for every creature’s life.
Let’s say it was not from a random fake news Facebook page, but on a report made by scientists in the US and UK.
Let’s also add another study warning that unless crucial act will be made in the following decade, the melting ice will provoke more than 25cm to an entire worldwide sea level increase of more than a metre by 2070.
Take this as a fiction story, if you prefer.
Anyway, once upon a time a tale like that.
Then, try to visualize billions of people who didn’t give a shit about that.
Can you?

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