Friday, June 1, 2018

Climate Change Stories in the family

Peter is an eleven years kid.
An eleven years old kid is not so young as you think.
Well, he’s still a child, but less than an adult might figure.
"Dad," he asks sitting on the sofa with a magazine, reading an article about world drought, "we have to commit ourselves, we should waste less water..."
"Of course, you’re right," the man replies without looking at him, intending to live the usual Sunday’s ritual, the football match.
Peter would like more attention and insists: "Daddy, if we continue on this road, in two generations we’ll die of thirst."
"Really?" The man keeps his gaze glued to the screen. "A disaster, I agree. Fortunately, in two generations we’ll not be here anymore."
"You won’t…" The cat seems to say, following the scene resting on the ground, with a watchful eye on the primal scene.
"Dad, that's not the point. I could have children, someday. We’re talking about your grandchildren..."
"Give me those grandchildren, and then let's talk about it, but now let me see the... hell, no, but you're a crap! How could you do that?"
It’s hard to follow a decisive sport match and your son’s words.
At least, theoretically.
"Yes, Daddy, but the world isn’t just for us and our grandchildren," Peter insists, "there is all humanity, animals and plants. If the water will be over, the whole earth will die..."
"Who says it?" The father replies, without giving up the crucial match for a second. "Your teacher? I told you that teachers are not infallible."
"No teacher did it."
"Was it Mom? You know your mother is often emotional..."

From Climate change stories, a dual language book English and Italian for all ages: True short stories about global warming effects

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