Friday, June 8, 2018

Human good luck

I am the moon and I call it good luck, looking at you.
Yes, it's me.
You know? The largest of stars, despite I am not one of them.
My perspective is blessed.
Don’t laugh at me, since I'm fragile.
But I'm not going to hide.

Because I call being here a good luck.
Tonight, the following one, but also the one before and the night after.
Right now.
While I’m just the moon.
Nothing more and nothing less.
From three quarters until disappearing, passing through a magical half.
But I’m still the other big light up on the sky, though by reflection.
What a joy, anyway.

Because I call enlightening you a very good luck.
They say there is always a great moon behind a great sun.
Fortunately, there are eclipses to prove the he is behind me.
I'm the one who has always been next to you.
From the first day to the last one.
From sunrise to sunset.
And even where you insist on moving to the hidden side of your heart, I will wait for you at the end of the ride, hoping you had fun.

From Climate change stories, a dual language book English and Italian for all ages: True short stories about global warming effects

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